IFF-LMR presents at the BSF TableTalk™ Exhibition in Amsterdam

Hosted by the British Society of Flavourists, the 2015 TableTalk™ Exhibition was an excellent opportunity for flavourists and other delegates to evaluate a large number of raw materials over the course of one day that could be useful in the formulation of new flavours and open the doors to the next generation of flavour creations.  IFF-LMR’s presentation included natural ingredients from four of LMR’s eight sourcing platforms from around the world including:


  • Madagascar – LMR Ginger Oil Fresh, possessing a citrus-like, spicy ginger note.


  • Indonesia – LMR Massoia Lactone with a sweet, lactonic, coconut-like, sensory profile.


  • South America – LMR Ambrette Oil Fraction, possessing a warm powdery musky note.


  • Turkey – Rose Essential ™ with its typical odor or fresh rose petal, with a spicy green and heavy persistent character.


Perfumer Fabien Durand and Christine Mortimer from the IFF-LMR sales team joined their expertise and knowledge of the natural ingredients in the region to promote IFF-LMR capabilities to local actors.  



IFF-LMR takes you on a journey around its advanced natural sourcing platforms at Paris SIMPPAR

On June 10th and 11th, IFF-LMR will exhibit at the XIIth International Exhibition of Raw Materials for Perfumery.  Visit our booth and discover some of IFF-LMR’s newest 100% pure and natural ingredients.


IFF-LMR presents at the BSF TableTalk™ Exhibition in Amsterdam

On March 5th, IFF - LMR was at Barbizon Palace Hotel in Amsterdam, together with IFF, presenting its flavour ingredient innovations.



On January 22nd, 80 perfumers and flavorists of the BSP and BSF attended the 1st ever IFF-LMR Speed-Tasting event, which took them around the World in 80 minutes, discovering some of IFF-LMR 100% pure and natural ingredients.