Since its creation in 1983, LMR has taken a unique approach to the perfume business by entering into long-term contracts with its farmers. These contracts range in length, coinciding with the growing cycle of a particular crop. In these contracts, IFF commits to a guaranteed price, ensuring the farmer a steady income, despite fluctuations in crop yields and market prices.


During 2011, LMR harvested its first production of organic blackcurrant buds grown by farmers under a contract first signed in 2003 and renewed in 2010. Under these fair-trade contractual agreements, LMR commits to guarantee 17 growers in France a fair base payment each year, even for minimal harvests. IFF-LMR’s long term sustainable collaboration with the cooperative has enabled them to think and invest in the future:  Organic farming, cultivation modes, harvesting techniques, all favored by our commitment to the farmers for the 10 year duration of a plantation.

Orris root is a treasured fragrance and flavor ingredient for which there is no synthetic substitute. To ensure the continued availability of orris root at a reasonable price, LMR contracts with small cooperatives of family farmers in France and Italy. By relying on five-year contracts – the length of time required from selecting to harvesting and drying the orris root – IFF provides a secure income stream for the farmers.

Research for superior products and lasting relationships with farmers not only provide complete traceability of ingredients, but also enable LMR to pursue its other passion:  Research to advance cultivation and harvesting practices. LMR collaborates with farmers at every step of their work, beginning with the selection of varieties that will deliver the best results. Through extensive scientific research, LMR has identified best practices for the cultivation and processing of raw materials such as blackcurrant, narcissus and orris. IFF has even improved the harvesting process by inventing a mechanized orris-root harvester that reduces the need for manual labor and contributes to profitable cultivation. This scientific fair-trade approach enables LMR to offer the best quality raw materials at the best price.